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Best Web Site Design Software

There are many different ways to build a web site, some are easy and some a little more complicated but one thing for sure it’s a lot easier if we can find the best web site design software.

But no matter which web site design software we use there are a number of mistakes we should avoid:

Mistake #1: Using too large of a graphic header on the top of your page.
Mistake #2: Using “washed out” colors that make your web site feel drab and lifeless. Or
using colors that are WAY too bright.
Mistake #3: Using more than four colors (one of those being black!) on your web site.
Mistake #4: Using more than four different TYPES of fonts on the same page.
Mistake #5: Displaying your sales “message” on a dark colored background!
Mistake #6: Using too many “tricked out” scripts at once which causes browser “freeze”
Mistake #7: Cramming way too much content into too small of a space. (Not enough white space.)
Mistake #8: Using “busy” or “watermarked” background patterns.
Mistake #9: Specifying fonts that are TOO SMALL!
(This isn’t so much a design mistake as it is one related to the overall process…)
Mistake #10: Not clearly identifying your offer.

It doesn’t matter if you have the best web site design software on the planet if you make these mistakes your web site is doomed to fail. So which web site design software should we use? That really depends on a number of factors, level of experience, the product you’re promoting, how detailed you want you site.

Normally I don’t promote a product in my articles but since we’re here to talk about the best web site design software, I’ll mention a couple of them. The first is CoffeeCup HTML editor, this is the first web site design software I ever used, I found it bulky and hard to use, the next was a web site design software called Dreamweaver. Dreamweaver is a decent program but it’s pretty tuff for the beginner to use.

The Best Web Site Design Software I’ve found is called:
Design Dashboard:

As far as I’m concerned this is the best web site design software there is. It walks you step-by-step through what to do and how to do it. Every step is clearly laid out and labeled with big, blue numbers and step-by-step screen caps (with support by video as needed).

Saves you tons of time. All you do is click and follow the instructions. You don’t have to try to figure out what’s next. You just click the next icon and follow the steps. The step-by-step screen caps make it much faster and easier to use and follow than programs that are all videos.

Something for you if you’re a beginner or advanced student. Design Dashboard was created for beginners. But there are a few steps for advanced students as well. For example, you get EXCLUSIVE patterns that beat the heck out of the defaults in Photoshop or Elements. Those alone are worth the price.

I hope I’ve made your search for the best web site design software a little easier.

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How to Attract Customers With Proper Web Site Designing

Web site designing is a very important aspect of gaining customers for a home business. You must learn at least the basics before you can begin selling your products. You must choose carefully what kind of products and services you are advertising. These types of merchandise must be reflected through the theme of the website. If a client has a difficult time navigating through the web pages, cannot understand the setup or sometimes bored with what they are viewing the items may not move as well. Web site designing is vital to your personal as well as business ventures. A customer looks for products that are fairly inexpensive, are simple to locate and can entertain them as well. This type of issue can be simply solved with different styles and methods.

You may want to enlist the assistance of a personal web developer. Web site designing is their expertise and they know how to bring in and keep the customers happy. You can accomplish this goal rather easily. There are various web developers across the internet. You can view their work and then contact them. After that you can discuss with them personally and decide what you would like to be done with your home business website. You may choose to let the web professional take creative freedom when the web site designing has began. They are able to create fantastic pages that can enlighten, promote and bring customers back for more. This type of person not only can create fantastic web pages, they could also write from a selling point and make every product a must have item. Web site designing can be completed by these professionals without much effort.

There are times when a business owner is just starting out and they do not have much money to hire a professional web designer. Fortunately, you can also create wonderful web site designing on your own. You could locate various web designing programs that may cost some money or are free. These can be downloaded and used to create a fantastic page. You may know a little bit of HTML code or none at all. There are free tutorials located around the internet that a business owner can read and learn quickly and without much effort. There are three key points that you must understand for web site designing. The first step is easy navigation and a simple checkout procedure. A customer does not want to spend much time looking through the website or at the checkout. They desire quick service and simple access. The second step you need to take is the advertising part. Every product needs to appear like a customer cannot live without it. The third step and the most valuable one is it must be entertaining. A successful web site designing creation needs to capture a client’s attention and hold it for as long as possible.

There are several methods that web site designing is made simple and straightforward. A home business needs to stand out above the rest. Every person must complete this goal to have a fabulous and long lasting home business. Clients or customers that arrive to your webpage desire quick access, comfortable features and entertaining products. Web site designing is not a hard concept to grasp. It can be achieved various ways and you will be content with the business it brings in.

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Modern Web Design Techniques

One thing that you must bear in mind as you approach website design is that your website should be designed for more than one type of visitor. You see, just like a standard retail establishment, people who walk through the door come with various types of mindsets. Bear in mind that by not properly accommodating all visitors, whether they are buying today, tomorrow or possibly further down the road, is essentially simply passing them on to your competition.

Designing Your Site to accommodate All Visitors

For instance, you will of course have your visitors who are already committed to patronizing your business. Those who will be basically deciding on what types of services or products they are going to procure. Then there will be your visitors who are sitting on the fence browsing through various sites who must be convinced to stop and open their wallets at yours.

Casting a Wide net With SEO Techniques

Also, hopefully you will be able to draw in fresh visitors by casting a broad SEO net. Visitors who are essentially “cold knocked” out of the blue, who had no idea when they woke up that morning that they even needed whatever it is that your website is providing. Add to that list passers-by who you will simply want to harvest email addresses from for marketing and promotional purposes further down the road.

One Click of Their Mouse and They are Gone for Good

So that’s an extensive plateful and at the same time, all visitors must be kept entertained. For all it takes is a quick “click” of their mouse and they are gone for good. The good news for you however, is that so much has been learned about Internet marketing and website design in recent years – information regarding modern website design techniques that you can use in your site.

Adding Video Streamers to Your Website

For instance if you thought that adding videos to your website was beyond your budget constraints, you may be surprised to learn that it has recently become far more affordable. However; before you run right out and produce your own promotional videos, you would be well advised to first familiarize yourself with low budget video production techniques. That’s because no video is better than a poorly produced video.

Harvesting Email Addresses and Customer Preference Information

Another effective website design option is to offer “free-bees” in the form of e-books and other information products. Even better yet, offer them in exchange for filling out a brief survey that you can use to harvest email addresses and basic visitor preference information. You can use the information for marketing further down the road. Remember that visitors for the most part will only come by once, so this gives you another more focused shot at them.

Some Thoughts on Text and Keywords

Of course your website will have its basic informational text. However; you will need to have product related keywords inserted into your text for SEO purposes. Even better yet, you should also have a list of keyword rich articles on your site that visitors can click to. Remember that even if these articles aren’t the most colorful and popular aspect of your site, the keywords alone will draw visitors in the search engines.

More Advice on Keywords, Text and Pictures

On the same topic of SEO or (search engine optimization), bear in mind that Google has over 100 separate aspects that they examine and grade when determining your sites position in the search engine pages and not one of them involves pictures or photographs. So if you are torn between leaning heavily on pictures, graphics or text and aren’t positioned well in the search engines, go with the text. You can always add more pictures after you have been repositioned.

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