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Top Web Site Design Issues

1. Automatic audio. Always give people the option of listening to any music or recorded information you have on your site. Don’t automatically assume that your visitors will be captivated by your voice or your music. Always give them the option of turning it off.

2. Spinning, flashing, or blinking ads. Flashing banner ads are the equivalent of a carnival barker trying to lure people into a sideshow. You don’t need to shout to people to get you message heard. Keep you ads limited and your content abundant.

3. Unnavigable sites. Do not expect visitors to jump through “link hoops” to get to your information. They won’t. Make your product, price, or service, clear, precise, and easy to find. Design your content so that even elementary school children can understand your site.

4. Excessive pop-ups. In this day and age, pop-ups are inevitable. But if visitors have to close multiple pop-ups to get to your site, they may leave and never come back. The same applies for “fly-in” or “hover” that bounce across the screen. If you have to use anything, incorporate a pop-up that loads when a visitor leaves your site.

5. A page full of dead links and 404 error messages. Keep your links up to date and take down the links that are no longer active.

6. Dark text on a dark background. Don’t expect your readers to work to read your content, because they won’t. They will leave and find the information they need elsewhere.

7. Use Flash judiciously. Unless you have a film site or a product that requires a detailed visual description, resist using Macromedia’s Flash for e-commerce. If you are using your site to sell a product, use high-quality, fast-loading photos and creative descriptions of each item. If you must use Flash, make your files as small and fast-loading as possible.

8. Solid blocks of text with no breaks between paragraphs. That may work in print, but it will not fly on the Web. People don’t read online content the way they read offline — they skim. Imposing blocks of dark text will put off your readers. Make your content clear and concise. Break up your paragraphs, and use plenty of white space.

If your site makes any of the mistakes enumerated above, it is not too late. Make the necessary changes as soon as you can. In fact, if you haven’t redesigned your site in the last 6 to 12 months, you may be due for a redesign anyway. And make sure that when you do redesign that you don’t fall afoul of any of these rules.

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Utility of Isp in Web Site Designing

The questions that are mostly asked, which one receives from his/her clients while designing a website are,”How one can choose an Internet Service Provider (ISP)? Actually ISP is a company that host one’s website or we can say that it provides position on Internet where somebody’s website is present.

If somebody looks for web hosting, there are about 4,600,000 of such links regarding different hosts.

To think over one’s purpose and need:

1. There are some personal sites for family and friends where uptime, size and complexity don’t matter. He/ she can use these personal sites, which are coming from his/her Internet connection. Yahoo adds examples of such advertisements. These ads can be removed for a small fee.

2. If one’s site is meant for business purposes, then he/she should make sure that the chosen host is running up at least 99.9%. Sometime when visitors visit these sites then there is a message,” this page cannot be displayed”, then they return and think that user and his/her company is totally unprofessional.

3. If one had a strategy to expand his/her website into one, then user must choose the features that are important to him/her, which can be easily advanced in the future.

To choose which texture will be important to he/she and for his/her website:

1. First check the available size. Mostly, the plans will provide sufficient space, which will depend on the number of the graphics, scripting and content of one’s pages. For example, about an average of 1200 pages are occupied by 250 MB.

2. Is there need of e-mail address (due to which e-mail’s are send and the name of the person display)? Many plans give endless e-mail addresses while other offers some limited addresses only.

3. Checking the availability of auto responders: One should check in advance if there is any requirement of auto responders or not. Generally auto responders are considered good because by auto responders one can set up messages to be sent out when someone clicks a specific e-mail address. By this way one can handle his/her e-newsletter subscriptions. Now-a-days spams are the most problematic things and in order to root them out, auto responders serves a lot.

4. Can other features like, databases, front pages extensions, forums, search engines shopping cart’s also be discussed? However there are many textures like these which one are never used or will be used, as one will get mature.

Certainly, selection of a better host is a daunting task. But still one benefit is that an effective one may replace these hosts, which don’t work.

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What Do You Know About Web Site Design & Web Optimization?

My best advice to you is to supplement any non-unique content you have obtained through data feeds. Swathe it around unique appropriate content such as customer-contributed product reviews and interrelated product recommendations. Improve it to include better keyword choices, and make elegant those paragraphs with additional descriptive text. Don’t stop with descriptions: put together unique product page title tags rather than just using the product name incorporate additional bits of information into the title tag such as the model number if that is something a lot of people use to search. You can figure this out by using keyword research tools. Our & optimization and website submission services will do just that. A website which is properly optimized will list higher in the search engine result page and will bring targeted traffic to your site. We are talking about ‘targeted traffic’ not ‘any traffic’ which will result in higher sales for your company.
Duplicate content is copy substantively similar to copy elsewhere on the web, and which is findable by the search engine spiders. Search engines don’t want to present users with similar-looking listings on the same search results page because that would degrade the search experience. Choose good color schemes for your be suspicious when more than one color is to be used. Check for spelling mistakes and grammatical mistakes, its presence will create a bad impression on your website feedback. Follow the same font size and font colors through out the site; this will create a good readability. Appraise your site for loading time because when a page takes an assortment of time to get loaded it may make the visitors to close the window. Make shopping very easy and friendly. Visitors should not feel uncomfortable with shopping your products. You make an e-commerce website user friendly. Your website provides details information about your services to understand the visitor.

Basic website optimization should be included as standard – for free
We all know that nowadays having a website is only the start. You then need to work at getting people to visit the website and to visit a site; people need to know it exists. Search Engines are the main way in which people will search for and find websites. To get traffic to your site, your website needs to be listed in the search engines, and once listed; it also needs to rank well.
There are hundreds of millions of websites out there, and chances are thousands of websites just like your own, selling similar products or services. If a widget shop has thousand competitors, each with their own website SEO or Search Engine Optimization is the term applied to a number of methods used to ensure you site is search engine friendly. The more friendly your site, then the more chace your site has of being ranked and ranked well. Google to easily understand what your page (or website overall) is about, there are certain simple but important things which can be done. I’ve taken the liberty of throwing them into categories to help sort out the good stuff.

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