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It Looks Like it Was Designed by a Twelve-year-old! the Importance of Effective Web Site Design

Putting up a Web site for your business, whether just to direct people to your store or office location or as an entire online mail-order store, is essential for any business that hopes to succeed. The Pew Internet & American Life Project ( studied online use in America and estimates that 70 million Americans log on to the Internet each and every day.

Pew states that 81% of those users researched a product or service while online. What if they were looking for the product or service your business sells and they don’t find a Web site for your company? Or possibly worse, what if they did find a Web site for your company and were put off by the amateur Web design?

The Executive Business Center at is one Web site design, hosting, and ecommerce company that will help you avoid potential Internet business disaster. Hire a professional Web site design company to ensure that your Web site not only keeps customers from turning tail with one look at your site, but that it also drives more and more customers to keep coming back. has five great Web hosting packages all designed with a different kind of business Web site in mind.’s Basic Starter Web design package might be just what you need. Are you on a budget and you just want a simple Web site design that highlights your company’s products or services, customer service success, history, and contact information?

For $299,’s Basic Starter Web design package will get you one year of free Internet hosting and a free domain name, three pre-designed (but original) Web site pages, and free updates for thirty days. Additional Web site pages are $50 each. If you’re part of a company that performs most of its business transactions offline, this small, concise Web site design will effectively represent you on cyber-space and draw customers to your front door.

For $399 you can go one step up with’s Custom Starter Web site design package. The Custom Starter package includes all of the Basic Starter package’s amenities except that it includes a completely custom design that reflects your company’s business ventures instead of the pre-designed pages.

Do you already have a Web site design that hasn’t really helped draw in the clientele you had hoped? You can transfer your Web site domain and all of its contents and leave it in the capable hands of with the Existing Plan Web site design package ($599). Get a complete, original revamp of your Web site design with one-year free hosting and a domain name, free content updates as needed for an entire year, unlimited pages, free search engine optimization, and free search engine submission for six months.

If you’ve yet to make your mark on the Internet, you can get all of the benefits of’s Existing Plan package in the New Plan Web site design package ($799), except that staff will work with you to design your Web site from the ground up.

Many successful businesses are conducted entirely online. You could sell wholesale or handmade products and work out of kitchen in your home! Even if you do have a store, you can augment your income exponentially by opening an online version of your store. If you plan to open an online business and all or much of your business transactions will be conducted over the Internet,’s e-Shop Web design package could be perfect for you!

For $999 the first year, the e-Shop Web design package offers you all of the Existing or New Plan benefits as well as an extensive shopping cart and checkout program to make online shopping easier for your customers. You’re also welcome to list unlimited products for sale for a year, so your online business possibilities are endless!

A Web site design company like can give you the tools you need to succeed. “Reel” in all of those eyes online with a professional, easy-to-use business Web site design!

Web Site Design and its Updating

For the perfect web design is necessary a perfect combination of creativity and technical expertise. The both are very crucial for the successful web site design. It is important to concentrate equally on the small and the large details of web site designing in other to make it works in the best way. It is much easier to make changes on the web site with database templates and there is no need to newly create a web site just the changes you wish to make.

It is important to always keep in mind the fact that your web site must look attractive, user friendly, with fast downloads. The attractive and user friendly web site will bring you more visitors and fast downloads will keep them from loosing their patient and make them visit your web site again.

Today’s web site designing doesn’t demand to spend lot of time on designing your own templates therefore you can now choose from many templates designs and save your time. The most important steps in web site designing are planning and organizing. The web site form is the main trump of web design and it is needed a lot of time to bring it to its perfection.

Don’t expect that your web site is going to celebrate a great success only just you have spend a lot of time and lost a lot of energy on its designing. This is important but it must be done as it is appropriate to make web site design that brings you a profit. The best way to make a perfect web site design is to follow web site standards. This will protect you from its redesigning as the web site backbone keeps its quality and so there won’t be some extra costs and you will have a less work to accomplish. Read this article carefully as for sure it can help you explaining some key things in your web site designing.

No matter if you are designing a simple web site it still needs a few design tweaks to make it elegant. If you only have basic knowledge in HTML and so on in graphic design work, don’t look for web designer’s help. Only if you are going to build in any way complicated web site design than don’t let yourself so much temptation and look for a professional to do it for you. HTML language is used for every web site building and its creation. Page editor is an extraordinary feature that can help you in your web site updating without need to be subjected to web design company.

Many web designers don’t have a least experience in internet marketing except their knowledge in web design services. Web designers must be informed about search engine optimization (SEO) tips. They must pay attention on SEO tips from the beginning of web site building process because web site ranking is based on these tips.

Every web site design depends and is created toward the client’s own taste and preference.

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Make Your Web Site Design Targeted To Your Traffic

Understanding the type of traffic who visit your site is an extremely important job as you can utilise that information to enhance your website to accomodate them. For example if your web site and web site design is in the UK, it is targeting the UK. The result is, you get more consistently returning visitors that come again and again for more.

What age range and what type of knowledge does your audience have? A layman might spend time navigating around a general site on car maintenance, but an automobile mechanic might skip over the the very same site for being too general. Similarly, a normal person will leave a site filled with astronomical facts but a well educated university student would certainly find your web site’s content very stimulating.

You must also consider the audience’s emotional frame of mind when creating your online prescence. If an agitated web surfer searches for a solution then comes across your site, you must strive to make sure the solution is offered to the cutomer up front and sell or promote your product to him second. Done in this order, the visitor puts their trust in you much more readily for offering the solution to his problems first and is therefore more likely to buy your service or product when you offer it to them after they are satisfied and happy as they have found a free solution.

When you design the layout for your site, you must take into account your audiences personal characteristics. Are they young or parents or elderley? Are they looking for current trends or are they looking for basic information straight up with no frills?  Apply these strategies and your web site will no doubt attract more visitors and more importantly, recurring customers.

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