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How to Find Affordable Custom Web Site Design!

A website is an absolute necessity for individuals or companies who are looking to sell their wares and services online. Most marketers understand this. The problem often lies in how they will get a great looking website developed at an affordable price. Fortunately, this is possible. Individuals or companies can have an affordable custom web design created that will help them move product and that won’t break the bank.

After you do some comparison shopping and you compare prices, it is important that you get a few pieces of crucial information from each company that you are considering. You will want to check out their portfolio. Taking a look at their previous work will give you the opportunity to see if their past designs are in line with the type of website you are interested in purchasing. If a particular web design company generally works with high-end, large corporations, then their fees may be out of your range. Conversely, if a web design company’s portfolio is full of cheap-looking, unprofessional website, then you will also want to pass on them as well. The goal, when looking through a company’s portfolio, for more detail visit www.master-web-graphics.com is to make sure that the web sites that they have built in the past are similar to what you want for your company. Also, see if it is possible to contact past customers. It is very easy for a web design company to take credit for a particular website. You won’t actually know if they are being honest or not unless or until you talk to the website owner. Ask if you can have the contact information of a couple of their previous customers.

It is also important to find out what is included in a web design company’s price. Will they provide you with all of the graphics, pictures and coding for your website? Is hosting included? Can you change your design? Than you have to visit www.my-early-days-on-the-net.com these are important questions to ask. Make sure that you get answers before you proceed. You will also want all of your websites original source files in case you want to make some changes in the future, so make sure that this is a part of the package.

Next, determine what the time frame is for completion of your website. If you need your website finished in a hurry, it is important that the company will be able to complete it in an acceptable time period.

Lastly, determine the web design’s policies concerning corrections. If you find mistakes you will want them to be corrected at no additional cost built. It is also a necessary cost of doing busy today. Because your website is your company’s face to the world, you want to make sure that it is professional, unique and memorable. In order to do that, you will need to have an affordable custom website design for your business.



Web Site Design With Street Maps – How to Help Customers Find you

Do your customers know how to find your brick-and-mortar business? Sure, you hired a great Web site design company to overhaul your old site, improved your online presence with some pay per click advertising, and now Internet traffic is picking up. But if your business depends on people walking through your front door or front gate, do customers know where to go?

One sign of trouble is phone calls from people asking for directions, especially when they call from within a five minute drive of your business. Why can’t they find you?

A good solution is a printable street map on your Web site. You might have expected people to type your street address into Google Maps or Yahoo! Maps, but think how much easier it is for users to find and print a map from your own site.

Here are some options:

Scan an existing picture from your brochure into a computer and resize it on a Web page. Unfortunately the results rarely look as crisp and clean as they did on glossy paper, especially the words which may become unreadable.
Hire a Web developer to create an interactive map with a tool such as Adobe Flash. Be aware that some users’ browsers may not have the technology needed to view the results, so you may lose customers.
Hire an artist to draw a custom map, including your building (or buildings) and main entrance. This is the best way to get a map exactly the way you want it to look.
Hire a Web developer to use a mapping service such as Google Maps, Yahoo! Maps or MapQuest on your Web site. If done well, this option provides the best interactive mapping experience for users.
Show a screenshot of an interactive map on your site. This will frustrate experienced map users because they’ll click on the picture, trying to pan or zoom.

If you design a custom map:

Show relevant streets and cross streets, with readable street names.
Show customers where to park and where to find the main entrance.
Include a simple direction indicator. To prevent confusion, place north at the top of the drawing, no matter which direction customers will face at your front door or gate.
Consider showing more than one map at different zoom levels, to help customers find your business at the state, city and street levels.

If you use a mapping service:

Make the map large enough for users to see everything they need to see (especially buildings and street names) without zooming or scrolling.
Shape-based maps (typically with colored lines for streets on white backgrounds) are easier to understand than satellite photos. As an option, you may include controls to switch to satellite photos.
To let users interact with the map, include controls for zooming and scrolling.
If your map has a “find directions to us” theme, pre-load your street address into the text boxes of the destination.

For any type of map:

Make sure users can find the map page. Keep it near the top of site navigation, not buried layers deep in menu options such as Information – Visit Us – Location – Map
Try printing your map. Is it big and clear enough to be read while riding in a car?

I saved the most important tip for last: no matter what type of map you use, show your street address (with number and name) on your home page, or even on every page of your Web site. With a well-designed map and a clearly visible street address on your site, foot traffic is sure to increase.

Dan Salas is a software engineer, Web developer and occasional world traveler. To browse destinations and things to do on your next vacation or holiday, visit his Web site at http://www.AreWeThereYetMap.com

Find the Best Design Techniques Today

Make it uncomplicated for your guests to discover content that they desire on your site. If you have thousands of piece of writing on your webpage and your guest needs to become aware of one single editorial from that heap, then you have to present a possible means to allow your visitors to do that with no annoyance. Even your site is a SQL-driven catalog search engine or contains a word list or index of articles, as long as it will become easy for visitors to search from it, definitely it isn’t a problem. Just guarantee that your site loads quickly as well in order not to shake off some visitors.

No matter how outstanding your website project is, if it is difficult to get to the substance of your site afterward, your site become useful as a blank shell. The first procedure to create the font of your content is to have a huge blocks of text by putting together the CSS to spread out the lines appropriately. Make certain that the font dimension of your text is large enough to read with no trouble. Some sites may contain 10-pixel-tall text in chosen font; it may seem orderly and fairly large but it may somehow damage your eyes to read the definite or real text.

If your website appears wonderful in Internet Explorer but breaks dreadfully in Firefox and Opera, you will be unable to find out on a lot of potential visitors. Keep away from using scripting words on your site if it is not totally necessary. Make use of scripting languages to grip or influence data, not to generate illustration effects on your website. Profound scripts will be time-consuming upon loading time of your site and may even break down some browsers. Attempt to make use only easy-html tags – it creates SEO easier and does not inter your article. Scripts are not hold up across all browsers, a number of visitors might fail to spot important information because of that.

Trim down the amount of images on your website. It tends to load very gradually and normally some become very redundant. If you believe that any picture is necessary on your site, make certain you optimize them by image restriction programs in order that they have a least small amount file size. Also, keep your text sections or articles at a sensible length. If a paragraph is too comprehensive, you should divide it into parts so that the text blocks will not be excessively large. Most helpful extent is 8-12 words, it reads quickly and makes simple to pursue. This is significant because a block of text that is too big will put off visitors from interpreting your content.

Adobe Photoshop, or merely Photoshop, is a graphics editor extended and made available by Adobe Systems. It is the existing and most principal market leader for commercial bitmap and image exploitation, and is the flagship item for consumption of Adobe Systems. It has been expressed as “business criterion for graphics professionals” and was one of the early hours of “killer applications” on Macintosh. Photoshop CS3, the up to date tenth iteration of the curriculum imitates its addition with other Creative Suite products, and the number “3″ stands for it as the third version on the rampage since Adobe re-branded its products under the CS umbrella.

Cascading Style Sheets or CSS is an uncomplicated mechanism for adding up fonts, colors, and spacing to Web documents. In web development, Cascading Style Sheets is a style sheet language used to exemplify the appearance of a text written in a markup language. Its most extensive application is to design web pages written in HTML and XHTML, but the words can be relevant to some type of XML document. CSS can also apportion the same markup page to be obtained in different styles for dissimilar rendering methods, for instance on-screen, in print, by voice and on Braille-based, tactile devices. CSS identifies a priority format to establish which style rules.

Jon Caldwell is a professional content manager. Much of his articles can be found at http://webdesigntechniques.net

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