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Hiring Professional Web Site Designers Vs. Building Your Own Website

Build Your Own Website vs. Hiring a Professional Website Designer

The question of whether small business owners should hire a professional website designer or build their own websites using do-it-yourself software boils down to four primary considerations:

1) Site Ownership: Generally speaking, when a person creates a do-it-yourself business website they are bound by the terms of use of their hosting website. In most cases such sites stipulate that all rights to the materials on the small business owner’s website actually belong to the host! That means that if the business owner ever wanted to upgrade his or her site to a custom design or migrate the site material to a new host they would not be allowed to do so!

When you build a do-it-yourself website you are locked into the site and the host contractually and the provider never has to let you transfer your website contents. In fact, there are often service cancellation fees of up to $300!

This is not the case with custom designed websites. A good web development company will provide you with all the files you need in order to edit or transfer your site as you see fit at no charge to you. You should not generally be required to pay any fees beyond the design and setup price.

2) Price: On an upfront cost basis do-it-yourself websites are cheaper. Business owners can enroll in most build-your-own-website service plans for about $20 to $30 per month. In many cases there are no upfront charges and you only get hit with big bills when you opt to cancel later on down the road.

On the other hand, website designers generally charge you for their services upfront or over the course of your website, logo or graphic design development project. Web design fees will vary widely from one provider to the next and from one project to the next. The benefits of having a custom site build that you own are that you won’t have to pay the designer a monthly fee and you should have complete control over what you do with your site after it is completed.

3) Uniqueness of your Company Image: One of the key drawbacks of do-it-yourself websites is that business owners are often given limited options as to what templates they can use and how they can modify those templates. This can result in two or more different companies having essentially the same website.

This issue is not all-together remedied by using professional web designers. Many companies provide template based products because it allows their clients to more easily envision what the end product might look like. Template based sites also tend to be less expensive to customize and thus the clients can have them designed at lower prices.

You as a buyer should always pay attention to whether you are receiving a ‘customized’ website or a ‘custom’ website. Customized websites are template based. There is nothing wrong with starting from a template but generally you should expect to pay less for this service than you would for a fully custom website design.

4) Appearance and Quality: If you secure the services of a skilled and reliable web development company then you should almost universally receive a higher quality, better looking, website via a professional design than you would using a do-it-yourself website. There’s virtually no debating this matter.

In the end, whether you should choose a build-it-yourself website or a professional designed website is a matter of personal preferences. You should review your options and your circumstances and then make the decision that best suits your needs.

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Increase Sales By Hiring A Web Site Designer

Professionals such as doctors, dentists and lawyers and service establishments that operate offline also need a web site designer to build a web site which will grow their practise or business.

What a web site can do for your offline business

Increase sales

Having a web page can create a worldwide awareness of your business or products. You can reach a wider marketplace on the Internet with a website. Even if you do not conduct any selling activity online, listing your contact information and store address in a static web page will help prospective clients find you.

Reduce costs

Your web site can serve as the virtual showroom of your products without incurring high overhead costs for rent, utilities, and employees’ salaries. Bricks and mortar businesses can show pictures of their operations and products while service professionals can show samples of their work online – Online marketing costs much less than advertising with a full page newspaper ad.

You can reduce or eliminate traditional paper marketing tools such as newsletters, product announcements and promotional literature by making the same information available on your web site. More professionals are using their own websites to provide paid advice online and to distribute information products like e-Books and training videos.

Conduct market research

Your web site designer can add an “opt in” box to your page which you can use to gather information from potential customers and site visitors. You can also conduct online surveys by posting a questionnaire that your visitors can complete by selecting from a multiple list of answers or by providing their own answers. Analysing survey results is quick and inexpensive using statistical tools that you can find on the Internet.

Improve customer service

Your web site can be used to answer common questions about your products and your business by posting a series of frequently asked questions and adding an “About” page. A web site can also be used to provide after sales service by posting instruction manuals and troubleshooting guides and by adding an online form for submitting inquiries, reporting problems and making customer service requests.

A website is indispensable in any business as people are increasingly turning to the Internet to answer most of their needs. A web site can do so much for your business to help it grow. For best results, you should hire a web site designer service with proven results to build it for you.

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Why Hiring the Services of a Web Site Design Company is Advantageous

Why hiring the services of a web site design company is advantageous

There are many reasons why many companies choose to hire design services of a web site design company. Even if you are the Do it your self  type there is only so much you can handle. This is where services from a professional web site design company come in handy.

Lack of time:

One of the reasons why companies prefer getting their design work done from a web site design company is because of a lack of time. Most of the big companies have so many things to consider that website design can often take a backseat in the priority of things. Right from recruitment issues, employee management, financing, business ventures to a whole lot of other issues – companies have a lot to worry about. This is where the services of a qualified web site design company can come to the rescue. Instead of having to worry about designing their website, the company can now entrust the work to a professional web site design company.

Expert and dedicated services:

Many a web site design company has its own dedicated resources to work for a particular client. That means, as a client you get your own teams of website designers working for you. This often translates into a more focused and dedicated attention for you from the web site design company. This is one of the reasons why many companies outsource their design services to a web site design company.

Knowledge of languages:

If you were to design your site by yourself you would need knowledge of HTML, ASP, JavaScript and a host of other programming languages. Most people do not have the time to learn these technologies and then apply it to their site’s design. This is why they go ahead and hire a web site design company to do the website design for them.

Continuity element:

Designing a site is not easy. Not only do you have to master the various languages and technologies but also incorporate scalability into the designing projects. That means, if employees were to increase or traffic hits were increasing the website design would automatically handle it. This requires mastering of business experience and programming skills, which only a professional web site design company can do. These companies have the expertise and knowledge to make sure your site design can handle peak load demands.

Ultimately, the choice of whether you want to hire a web site design company or do the design yourself is upto you. However, it is best to get dedicated services of a web site design company to save you lots of hassle and time.

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