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It Looks Like it Was Designed by a Twelve-year-old! the Importance of Effective Web Site Design

Putting up a Web site for your business, whether just to direct people to your store or office location or as an entire online mail-order store, is essential for any business that hopes to succeed. The Pew Internet & American Life Project (www.pewinternet.org) studied online use in America and estimates that 70 million Americans log on to the Internet each and every day.

Pew states that 81% of those users researched a product or service while online. What if they were looking for the product or service your business sells and they don’t find a Web site for your company? Or possibly worse, what if they did find a Web site for your company and were put off by the amateur Web design?

The Executive Business Center at www.theebc.com is one Web site design, hosting, and ecommerce company that will help you avoid potential Internet business disaster. Hire a professional Web site design company to ensure that your Web site not only keeps customers from turning tail with one look at your site, but that it also drives more and more customers to keep coming back.

TheEBC.com has five great Web hosting packages all designed with a different kind of business Web site in mind. TheEBC.com’s Basic Starter Web design package might be just what you need. Are you on a budget and you just want a simple Web site design that highlights your company’s products or services, customer service success, history, and contact information?

For $299, TheEBC.com’s Basic Starter Web design package will get you one year of free Internet hosting and a free domain name, three pre-designed (but original) Web site pages, and free updates for thirty days. Additional Web site pages are $50 each. If you’re part of a company that performs most of its business transactions offline, this small, concise Web site design will effectively represent you on cyber-space and draw customers to your front door.

For $399 you can go one step up with TheEBC.com’s Custom Starter Web site design package. The Custom Starter package includes all of the Basic Starter package’s amenities except that it includes a completely custom design that reflects your company’s business ventures instead of the pre-designed pages.

Do you already have a Web site design that hasn’t really helped draw in the clientele you had hoped? You can transfer your Web site domain and all of its contents and leave it in the capable hands of TheEBC.com with the Existing Plan Web site design package ($599). Get a complete, original revamp of your Web site design with one-year free hosting and a domain name, free content updates as needed for an entire year, unlimited pages, free search engine optimization, and free search engine submission for six months.

If you’ve yet to make your mark on the Internet, you can get all of the benefits of TheEBC.com’s Existing Plan package in the New Plan Web site design package ($799), except that TheEBC.com staff will work with you to design your Web site from the ground up.

Many successful businesses are conducted entirely online. You could sell wholesale or handmade products and work out of kitchen in your home! Even if you do have a store, you can augment your income exponentially by opening an online version of your store. If you plan to open an online business and all or much of your business transactions will be conducted over the Internet, TheEBC.com’s e-Shop Web design package could be perfect for you!

For $999 the first year, the e-Shop Web design package offers you all of the Existing or New Plan benefits as well as an extensive shopping cart and checkout program to make online shopping easier for your customers. You’re also welcome to list unlimited products for sale for a year, so your online business possibilities are endless!

A Web site design company like TheEBC.com can give you the tools you need to succeed. “Reel” in all of those eyes online with a professional, easy-to-use business Web site design!

The Importance of a Web Sites Design

There are millions of websites on the internet all competing for the attention of users. This makes the design of your website very important if you want to stand any chance of surviving. You can spend huge sums of money promoting your site but if the website design isn’t up to scratch then it’s not going to make any difference.

Before you look at SEO or other promotional campaigns you should first experiment with the design of your site. All good web designers should already be aware about the importance of good website design.


Sometimes simple is better and this is true on the internet. It is possible to create stunning and very advanced sites. These are time consuming and can also take a long time to load. It is almost always to stick to simple website designs.

Be careful if you are ever using popup windows as most people have popup blockers. These can also cause irritation if used too often. Simple websites will load quicker and will be indexed by search engines much quicker.


Every single page of your site should be valuable. All of these should have a clear aim in mind and should have a title. The title must contain your keywords as this will help to get your site indexed in search engines.

You can find out about keywords which you might like to use by using keyword tools like the one offered by Google.


Using images on your website is great and will look fantastic. However you need to be careful not to overdo it. If you include too many images on your site then this can slow it down and make it take much longer to load.

The same goes for flash. Flash may make sites look professional to some people but it also makes it slow down. It also means that many people will have to download additional software to view your site. If you must use flash then keep it to an absolute minimum, not that many people appreciate flash websites anyway.

The main problem with flash and images is that search engine robots cannot see what they are. They will only index a site based on the text content. Set the alternate labels to try and reduce the impact this has on your site.

Meta Tags

When you’re designing websites it might be tempting to ignore Meta tags and other information. However the Meta description is used by search engines and should be able to encourage surfers to visit your site. Make sure you create a unique Meta description and put the right one on each page.

Text Links

You must be very careful to create text links to different pages of your site even if you have another form of navigation. These are normally displayed at the bottom of each page. This will make it much easier for web spiders and robots to crawl your website and index it in search engines.

You need to be able to consider SEO at the time you design your website. If you design your website correctly then you should be able to make it look appealing to search engines.

James Copper is a writer for http://www.thebigagency.co.uk

The Importance of Having a Modern Web Site Design

This article will offer advice to business owners on building successful websites that market products and services effectively. The typical commercial website gives information about the company, where it’s located and what it offers. The owner then inserts some ad copy to entice the reader to take action – contact by e-mail or phone, or buy something on the spot. This ad copy is often relic and dusty, created years earlier when consumer reactions were less sophisticated. There is a temptation to get more mileage out of the copy in order to save money.

Unless you’ve been stranded on an island somewhere you’ve heard the phrase “Content is king” in the worlds of web design and search engine marketing. There’s also the old English saying “A penny wise and a pound foolish…” when referring to somebody who loses a lot by saving a tiny amount. Outdated ad copy should be re-examined and thrown out if it doesn’t conform to marketing requirements as suggested by market analysis companies. People don’t react the same way anymore to exclamation points, contest prizes, flashing banners, etc. so the site must re-designed to a more straightforward and easy-to-understand format with short paragraphs, dividing the page in half so that the reader’s eye focuses on important information. Modern website design should be built around the content with a simple layout using soft background colours, big text, centered orientation, strong colour and effects used sparingly.

If the site owner doesn’t educate himself on how to present a clean site he won’t consider it necessary and simply go the cheapest route: the status quo. His thriftiness will make him his own enemy. He will even have a part-time designer butcher the HTML content with guesswork and false assumptions; worse yet he might put his own ideas in the meta tags, inserting hundreds of what he perceives to be keywords all over the place and putting information about specials and things like phone numbers and domain names. Since only search engine spiders read these sections, one wonders how a computer program will take advantage of the sale prices.

It’s certainly a good idea to be careful on how money is invested into a business so a competent designer should be chosen at a reasonable price. Let’s take for instance a business located in Southern Ontario who wants to change the design of his current site. He may be located in the largest city, Toronto. He does a search for “web design Toronto” and phones some large web services companies who deal with manufacturers and other fairly large clients so he finds their prices very high due to high overhead, sales commissions and the profit margin for the company. He may try a little farther out instead of downtown and enter a search for “web design Oakville” or “web design Mississauga” in order to find a more modest company with lower prices.

Now our thrifty businessman is looking at some portfolios. The way he should do this is to look at competitor sites in the same market sector, pick some that look good, and ask if they’ve done anything in a similar vein. They show him that they have and give him some ideas and a quote for a modern design. The quote is lower and this is the point where he should order the work but he still can’t get the tears off the credit card and make a commitment, so he tells them he’ll think about it and call him back in a month. That month usually turns into three or four months and still he can’t bring himself to order the work.

Let’s say the business owner makes an average net profit of $250 from every customer that he deals with. One year earlier he shopped for SEO and turned down a quote for $3000 and the latest design quote was $2000 so he has avoided spending $5000. A competitor has done all those things the year previous and appears top five in the SERPs on the majority of major keywords. He is obtaining 10 new paying customers each month from the organic search results, making a net profit of $2500 per month. It took three months to reach the top five so in the nine months of good rankings he has made an extra profit of $22,500 in those months that the tightwad fellow was clinging to his pennies. The lack of knowledge, suspicion, and cheapness displayed by the procrastinator has cost him $17,500 in the first year of this scenario.

Just as you wouldn’t run a respectable business out of a chicken coop, your web site shouldn’t be a mish-mash of uncoordinated ideas and gibberish when you present it to the public and the search engines, for it will not survive in times when the economy is sluggish and every advantage is needed to take your share of the market.

SEO Pat Boardman writes this in respect to Addrenaline Media web designers Oakville, Mississauga, Toronto, providing Website Design and Development and Toronto graphic design for clients.

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