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Hiring Professional Web Site Designers Vs. Building Your Own Website

Build Your Own Website vs. Hiring a Professional Website Designer

The question of whether small business owners should hire a professional website designer or build their own websites using do-it-yourself software boils down to four primary considerations:

1) Site Ownership: Generally speaking, when a person creates a do-it-yourself business website they are bound by the terms of use of their hosting website. In most cases such sites stipulate that all rights to the materials on the small business owner’s website actually belong to the host! That means that if the business owner ever wanted to upgrade his or her site to a custom design or migrate the site material to a new host they would not be allowed to do so!

When you build a do-it-yourself website you are locked into the site and the host contractually and the provider never has to let you transfer your website contents. In fact, there are often service cancellation fees of up to $300!

This is not the case with custom designed websites. A good web development company will provide you with all the files you need in order to edit or transfer your site as you see fit at no charge to you. You should not generally be required to pay any fees beyond the design and setup price.

2) Price: On an upfront cost basis do-it-yourself websites are cheaper. Business owners can enroll in most build-your-own-website service plans for about $20 to $30 per month. In many cases there are no upfront charges and you only get hit with big bills when you opt to cancel later on down the road.

On the other hand, website designers generally charge you for their services upfront or over the course of your website, logo or graphic design development project. Web design fees will vary widely from one provider to the next and from one project to the next. The benefits of having a custom site build that you own are that you won’t have to pay the designer a monthly fee and you should have complete control over what you do with your site after it is completed.

3) Uniqueness of your Company Image: One of the key drawbacks of do-it-yourself websites is that business owners are often given limited options as to what templates they can use and how they can modify those templates. This can result in two or more different companies having essentially the same website.

This issue is not all-together remedied by using professional web designers. Many companies provide template based products because it allows their clients to more easily envision what the end product might look like. Template based sites also tend to be less expensive to customize and thus the clients can have them designed at lower prices.

You as a buyer should always pay attention to whether you are receiving a ‘customized’ website or a ‘custom’ website. Customized websites are template based. There is nothing wrong with starting from a template but generally you should expect to pay less for this service than you would for a fully custom website design.

4) Appearance and Quality: If you secure the services of a skilled and reliable web development company then you should almost universally receive a higher quality, better looking, website via a professional design than you would using a do-it-yourself website. There’s virtually no debating this matter.

In the end, whether you should choose a build-it-yourself website or a professional designed website is a matter of personal preferences. You should review your options and your circumstances and then make the decision that best suits your needs.

This article was written by Ink Blot Design Studios. Ink Blot Design Studios is a High Quality, yet Affordable, Website, Logo and Graphic Design Company.

Craig Hall of Ink Blot Design Studios
Marketing Director

Art of web site design and the pillars of professional web design

Because of the growing internet market it is imperative that all serious businesses who want to expand in their online avatar need to have a professionally designed website for their business. It is a fact that a simple web design which outlines your business effectively can improve the incoming traffic rate at your website. In a general survey maximum numbers of professional web designers are now inclined to have simple but creative web design because they feel web design is an utmost art which depends on some important pillars. Simple makes it easier for the visitors to grasp your site and creative to make it different and attractive from your competition.

From the web designer perspective the creativity of your website design can boost you ahead from other competitors very easily. But for that you need to put your years of expertise while designing a theme based unique website. All professional web designers are always striving to produce unique creative web site design templates for their clients.

The art of creative web design depends on mostly 5 pillars which are designing capability, simplicity, creativity, user friendly approach and at last the accessibility. I am elaborating more on these individual points below.

While you designing a website or a web template the first thing comes into our mind is your capability, I mean to say designer’s capability in web designing capability. How much capable you are to produce a unique website for your client. If you have years of expertise then it is quite natural that you may have created hundreds of several theme based websites. Thus it is easily assumable that you have the basic ideas, you know the specific market demands where the website will fight for existence, you can recognize the primary requirements etc.

Now, the term simplicity comes ahead. Yes, we all are normal human beings and we all like simplicity in our life. Thus while we need to search something into the internet we are choosing some simple websites for our required information. As much as your designed website looks simple, the visitors will show their interest into that website. The inner poise of the design must be simple and try to outline the websites message as clearly as possible.

Creativity at your web site design must be the backbone of your website. The creativity in your designing, the creativity while producing the mild appeal, the creativity in story telling, the creativity in layout decorating, the creativity while announcing special offers etc. can not be expressed into words. These creativity factors boost you much ahead from your competitors into the search engine rankings as well as into the visitor recognition.

User friendliness (or search engine friendliness) of any website increases the traffic circulation rate at your website while they are entering at your website. If your web traffic can travel each of your web pages without any hassle then it is easily assumable that the growth of your business will increase rapid manner.

Last but not the least factor is accessibility of your professional web design. Every business is open for all kind of visitors like for normal human beings as well as for the physically challenged. Thus while designing make your web design completely accessible for all. The client needs to sell his ideas through his website, thus it is the duty of web designers to design a website properly.

Joanna Gadel having years of expertise in web site design. Her article on web graphic design spreads knowledge information regarding creative web site design for new web designers.

Professional tips on web site design for designing the best websites

Let us think you are a creative website designer and you are receiving phenomenal traffic at your website. Now, do you identify the objects which get a viewers attention when they visit your professional web site design company’s website for the first time? Let us do a rapid brain-storm and discuss this matter.

Nowadays, it is well known to us that visitors are keen to browse through images and links. They don’t have much time to readout your entire contents. Frankly speaking, nowadays unique catchy contents are written only for search engines to receive better ranking. But, creative web designers are used to placing colorful boxes, design fantastic logos, invent meaningful icons, putting superb images to catch the visitors attention at the very first time when they enter at your website.

If you are maintaining log of visits to your site, then you know in best cases the average staying time of your visitors at your website is varying between 60 to 90 seconds. Now, as a professional web site designer, you have to convince your visitor first within that time period and then sell your product or service to this visitor. What happened? Feeling pressure? Thinking how is this Possible? The fact is you have only 10-15 seconds to convince the visitor. If you are able to do that, then you get the opportunity to sell your product or service otherwise the person simply moves on to another website.

Here are few web designing tips to help you to grab the visitor attention within the short span of time you have.

If we serialize the designing steps then the first step will do the logo. When people come at your site, generally they are looking at your logo first. The appeal of the logo will be your first and major weapon to attract that visitor concentration at the very first moment. Nowadays, website designers can sketch fantastic looking logos through Web 2 Logo designing. These great looking logos present maximum appeal towards your visitors and give a good impression. Never forget the First Impression is the most important and usually the final impression.

Secondly, using web 2 design styles you can shuffle various background images which may help in showing off your creativity skills in web site design to your website visitors. In the first 5-10 seconds visitors do not go through the content. They look at the design and then decide whether the website in question is what they are looking for.

Thirdly use unique icons. A picture says a thousand words. The meaningful unique icons help in increasing your websites attractiveness. They help in grabbing the visitor attention luring them to spend more time at your website and go through the content.

Suppose you are new into the market and you wish to declare bonus / special discount at your work or you have some special announcement for your visitors then web 2 design styles gives you the advantage. Using this designing style you can situate glowing colorful boxes for your announcement which has the ability to consume the visitor concentration.

The main advantage of this designing style is the user friendliness. You can decorate your web page through CSS file which is more about the feel and less about heavy bulky images. It helps in reducing the page weight significantly which helps it to load quicker and promptly.

As these are light weight pages they are also search engine friendly allowing them to crawl very easily which may help you to receive better ranking in search engine. If you are a creative web designer and your goal is to design best websites then you should focus on these issues.

Joanna Gadel is a freelance writer having years of experience in website design. Her article on Freelance web design spreads meaningful knowledge on website design for new comes in freelance web graphic designing.

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